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Consumer church

Posted on December 31st, by admin in thinking. Comments Off on Consumer church

We are more influenced by our culture than we think.
Subtle changes.
Small erosions in the landscape. And like a meandering river cuts it’s way through the valley and discards those bits that are superfluous so our culture discards those bits that are not relevant. Over time you notice the landscape change and wonder how it got there.

We are in a consumer culture. From the onset of Sunday trading to the 24hour stores. I remember as a child having to drive to a local petrol station to buy milk on a Sunday, the station owner had a small shop on the premises but he was viewed dimly by the local community for being open on Sunday, you now wouldn’t think twice and you would expect a shop to be open on Sunday.

The internet has grown in the last 15 years into a a stable and acceptable shopping destination. Now the choice is infinite, you choose. You find the right price from the right place. Everyone competing against each other to offer the right price and present what they have in the right way. Marketing is massive and if you don’t market your products you will be shutting up shop. The … Read More »