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Persistent rejection

Posted on December 16th, by admin in thinking. Comments Off on Persistent rejection

I know one who has constantly given themselves as a friend, given their kindness, been generous and extravagant in all friendships, whether they were deemed as ‘in’ or not. I know one who is thoughtful and pragmatic and is not afraid to say those things that others are afraid to say for there is a bigger picture at hand. But such qualities are not always admired. Among some they are seen as a threat, they expose their insecurities. The only solution is to reject, and when ones own rejection is not sufficient others are gathered to bolster opinion. The result is one who is ostracised, and in their plane thinking cannot understand why. When you try and reconcile the actions with the Christian message it is near to impossible for the actions are the antithesis of the heart of God. Clearly we all have things in our heart that the Lord would put his finger on but to consistently and deliberately reject effects even the strongest of hearts.

Like the wind that blows harder and harder until eventually the tree bows down and says I can stand it no longer. Where were the oaks to shelter and protect? Where were the … Read More »