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He will not let your foot slip

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He will not let your foot slip. When you are in a time of prosperity, a time of confidence and self assurance, the thought of slipping seems far away and this truth only receives a fleeting glance. It is only when you feel the bite of life, the pain and exhaustion of struggles that the words of the writer are a comfort and consolation to the soul. I would not wish struggles and trials on anyone, but life has many of them. A man who has never had a trial has never lived or is completely deceived. We don’t revel in them, but like all things it is a matter of where we fix our eyes. In football you are told to keep you eye on the ball, in the Lord we are to fix our eyes on him. One of the purposes of trials is that we learn to fix our eyes on Him, the one whom the waves and the wind obeys. The trial purges us of earthly trust, of trust in the natural realm and the strength of man, so we can rely on the Lord, knowing that He will not let our foot slip, He will … Read More »