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The Mirror

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I don’t normally do this but I loved the story so much it has it’s own post.

The Mirror

By Brian Lesnik

In a small city in Europe many years ago, lived a simple storekeeper named Moshe. Moshe was a kind man. He was interested in being a good person and helping people. Moshe had a very small store. There was little merchandise in his store so very few people actually came to purchase from him. Moshe spent his time sitting at the doorway waiting for a customer saying his psalms.

Moshe had a kind heart. When people had problems, they knew that they could turn to Moshe for help. Many poor people would come to Moshe’s store because they did not have money necessary to purchase goods at the bigger stores, they knew that Moshe would give them credit and a kind word. Moshe would always speak to these poor people and cheer them up. Many times he would invite them to his home for a meal. In fact many people knew that the address for poor travelers was Moshe’s house.

Moshe’s house was a simple house. Nothing fancy, a simple wooden floor, a few chairs to sit on, and an old wobbly table … Read More »