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Beating the air

When it seems like the fight is frantic and you are beating the air, you are left worn out and tired, still aware of the voices laughing, taunting you. Oh God help me to walk by faith and to see what you are doing. Teach me to fight as you desire, to know that my battle is not against flesh and blood, that my battle is not about beating the wind, thrashing the air and ending up drained and exhausted. Lord show me your strategy to defeat the enemy and see victory so my pummelling of the air is not

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He intercedes

Who also intercedes for us. (Romans 8:34 NASB) After such great truths about our victory and the surety of our salvation it seems to be such a throw away statement, ‘who also intercedes for us’. Yet his intercession is a great assurance to my heart. Romans 8 has such heights and depths of truth yet it would not be complete without this phrase. The Lord saw it fit that this phrase should be here, perfectly complimenting all the others. The chapter has so far talked about our freedom in Christ and walking by the Spirit, our adoption as sons and

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