But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (‭Matthew‬ ‭6‬:‭33‬ NASB)

Seek first his kingdom….I honestly try to, but the truth is I don’t see a whole lot going on. This however leads me to another question, is my seeking a biblical seeking or is it a just an idea I hold in my head? I truly desire the sick to be healed and prophetic words to be released but outside of the church context I don’t see much happening. I am not as intentional because of fear……and there it is, in my musings the culprit has reared its head. I intellectually seek first his kingdom but fear stops me from being as intentional as I desire. Fear is like invisible bonds that tie me down, puts walls in front of me and whispers into my mind the many consequences. There is a healthy fear, though we call it being safety conscious , like that which you experience near a cliff edge which it is not to be confused with.

I want to intentionally seek first his kingdom today, like the man of violence described in Matthew, a man who is deliberate in his actions in looking to see the kingdom come. To do that I need to know the hallmarks of the kingdom.

There are two definitions of the kingdom in the New Testament, it is described as righteousness peace and joy. And not of talk but of power. So the kingdom coming is marked with righteousness, peace and joy and power. There are lots of unrighteous situations, discordant situations, unhappy situations. To go in the power of the kingdom is to have the tools and confidence to release his kingdom into any kingdom contrary situation.

Where there is unrest, peace, where there is sadness and depression, joy. Where there is oppression, power to set free. Each of these expressions could manifest in a number of ways and that is our job to become familiar with the moving of the Spirt, confident in his moving, confident in our own personal relationship with Him and confident in His desire for His kingdom to come.