I don’t know what it is when I read these words but I struggle to believe that they are for me, I struggle to think of myself as having an anointing. I think others do, but not me. Where does that come from? Is it the typical British self abasement passed down from one generation to the next or is it my own home grown variety, cultivated from my own experiences of life? I imagine that is a mixture of the two, a bit of nature and nurture. However it has grown, I don’t want the weed in my garden. This word is a beautiful seed, but it is overcome by the lies, the weeds that choke it of light and nutrients. It doesn’t even get a chance to take root. As I am writing I’m thinking, Lord, what is the root? What is the belief that I hold onto that displaces this truth from bearing fruit in me? I hope it will come like a flash of inspiration but nothing is coming yet. I read the words again and again, practicing my meditation (biblical of course!) on the verse, mulling it over, whispering it to my soul – you have an anointing from the Holy One, you have an anointing from the Holy One and gradually and ever so slowly I can feel the grip of unbelief loosen and the roots begin to go down.