Just reading these words I can feel the longing to know the words taught by the Spirit. I know I have known them in the past, but i have salt in my mouth and I long for more, I want more of the Spirit. It is knowing how he speaks and recognising the whispers, the still small voice, the nudges, the impressions and the pictures that he shows and more. Sometimes it is just that you know that you know that you know – and this has been taught by the Spirit. Other times you know as you are thinking – it is the Holy Spirit guiding you. I feel greedy yet it is the only greed I am allowed – i want to hear more, to know more, to be taught by the Spirit, and on reflection greed does not really capture what I feel, it is hunger. I am comforted that the hungry always get fed. The way to get spiritually hungry is to eat more, the ways to get naturally hungry is to not eat – the only example I know where it is not first the natural and then the Spiritual. Lord teach me words by your Spirit, lord I ask for a Spirit of wisdom and revelation to hear and to see what you are doing.

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