Consider carefully what you hear, with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

These are the words that Jesus highlights in red, He is emphasising something that we need to consider. The Jewish people put more weight on listening to others, the Rabbinic training had a large element of just being with a m ore senior Rabbi and listening to what he had to say. The people were used to listening, which sets them at an advantage and us at a disadvantage, because the western culture does not practice listening very well. We practice communicating our points and being clear but we do not emphasise listening and then by virtue of listening considering what we hear.

Jesus is asking us to consider carefully what you hear.

So not only do we need to consider, we need to do it carefully. I wonder whether our system of study needs to shift more towards the Jewish way? Spending more time talking about the theology we love and musing over the struggles we face so that we gain understanding.

So with that in mind, there is a profound truth we have at hand. It is not to be studied or read around, though that would help. But it is to be considered carefully, meditated upon, taken time to think about. What is the measure you use? Straight away I am thinking what is my measure? Have I been mean in any way? Have I measured my measure? My desire is to be extravagant and generous, but what is my practice? Is it the same? It is good to ask the questions, examine your heart, this is part of the ‘considering carefully’. The NASB says, take care what you listen to, implying a kind of guarding of the mind from what we take in. We are familiar with the idea that we guard our eyes but we need also to guard our ears, or reject things that we hear or know to be wrong or unhelpful.

So, consider the question, what is the measure I use before The Lord and respond appropriately.

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