I have always believed in the power of words and have seen their creative power, but only recently the phrase ‘voice activated kingdom’ came to me whilst journaling, others may have used this term but I am not aware of that. A phrase helps capture a large concept in a few words, using the phrase somehow opens us to the fullness of what the phrase means.

Creation happened as God spoke, his words were creative. He spoke and something happened. Romans 4:17 captures this really well ‘God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did’. There was nothing and then He spoke, and then there was something. The very sound of his voice contained life and had creative power. This is the voice activated kingdom. The words we speak have creative power. As people made in his image there is an innate ability within us to speak out creative words, however embryonic, it is there. Unfortunately in a fallen state this often operates as a curse. In some unbelievers whether knowingly or not this has developed into witchcraft.

On conversion we are moved from death to life and come under the kingdom of God, His reign and rule. As ambassadors of Christ we have His kingdom conferred upon us, we speak and there is a creative power that is released. Though there is an innate ability to speak out that which is creative, as believers with the life of God flowing through us we have power to speak out with the authority of the Kingdom of God. An ambassador is only as powerful as the country he represents. We represent a heavenly kingdom. So why don’t we see more? Why is it not just a matter of speaking out and seeing things happen? It comes down to faith, by faith we are saved, by faith we believe we have the authority of the kingdom conferred upon us, and that is then demonstrated in our action. Faith is always active, if I believe I will act and speak out.

Jesus never prayed for the sick, he always declared them healed. He spoke the words and demons left. In the garden of Gethsamane he spoke and the guards fell over. As joint heirs with Christ and his ambassadors we have been commissioned with the authority to do the same. Our words spoken and declared will affect the very atmosphere, the very molecular structure of that which is around us, calling into life that which does not exist. Is it the sound waves themselves or is it the authority that is given to us or that we are image bearers? It is all three.

I am aware of the linking between the flesh and the spirit. The enemy wants to get us in the flesh through sickness and disease and ungodly reaction so that we can be connected and aligned with the demonic spirits. But if we can live in our spirit then we can overcome the fleshly reactions. In the last few years I have seen people undergo spiritual attacks that have resulted in physical sickness. The enemy always wants to get us in the flesh and bring an unholy joining with demonic spirits. The temples of India are based around this, linking flesh and spirit though sexual practice. As believers, one of the doorways for the enemy is to react in our flesh and give openings to the enemy. That is why we need to live by the Spirit, walk by the Spirit. We are Spiritual people, and as such we need to walk in that. Our words, that are on one level natural, when spoken from our spirit will bring revelation and life and power. When we speak God’s word it changes everything. When we believe that we have the authority we speak out healing, we speak out life.

So what is it about the sound? There is something about sound that on one level is just waves, but on another communicates something from another realm, both from God and from the evil one. A number of years ago I watched a chat show and they were interviewing a renowned musician thought of among Christians as one whose music was demonic. I had not heard any of is music. I watched the interview and didn’t feel anything. he then played. As soon as he started it felt like there were demons coming out of the TV towards me. His music communicated something in the spiritual realm. In worship meetings we are aware of the presence of God, some music and musicians communicate the presence of God more than others. You see it is not just the sound but the one who communicates it. Ten different worship leaders can play the same song but from only one of them can you feel the anointing – why is that? It is the heart of the person, the faith of the person and it is the song as well. When the two are aligned then there is power. The sound and the music that has life is birthed in Gods heart and released through kingdom believing individuals.

Some songs have life in them for a season, it is because they are words from heaven that are for that moment, similarly with prophecy. There is a now word from heaven that brings life, the timing is very important. But there are also words that have an eternal nature, truths and words from his heart that are not linked to a specific timing that also bring life. We have to understand the difference and be able to discern when a now word is not now anymore or is not yet and recognise the words that are not time sensitive.

Healing, though linked to timing in some cases is not in general time sensitive. We have the authority to speak out and declare healing as Jesus did. We have the authority to speak out with the authority of His kingdom. What we declare in line with his kingdom reign and rule, no sickness, inheritance and fulfilment of destiny on earth, salvation come from his heart. The words have power. Our voice activates the kingdom around us.

Does the sound have any inherent qualities? Yes, but I don’t know to what degree but when aligned with the kingdom of God or the demonic there is a significant effect on that around us. Sound has substance and form, as demonstrated by cymatics. When we speak the words vibrate the air and move that which is around us, when spoken with a kingdom alignment and the now word of God they are creative.