I love that God wants to communicate with us. He has a rich vocabulary and is able to speak to us in a multitude of ways. Below are some of visions the Lord gave me between 2008 and 2011. I have shared some of them before but felt as a collection of visions they were poignant to the hour that we are in. As with all aspects of prophecy, please weigh what is said. Prophecy is not on par with God’s word, and I am not trying to communicate that, but at the same time as Paul said to the Thessalonians, let us not treat prophecy with contempt. There is a lot of imagery in the visions, of which I ask that you consider this before the Lord. My prayer is that this will encourage you with the Lords purposes in this hour, that it may fuel your prayer and ultimately draw you into a place of greater intimacy with the Lord and lead to His kingdom coming in greater measure.

July 3rd 2008

I saw a river flowing out of the ground. It had shot out of the ground very suddenly and then begun to flow as you would expect a river to flow. As suddenly as it appeared the river disappeared under the ground and I began to wonder what had happened to it. I was suddenly aware of how quiet it was without the river, as it had been very noisy. However, it wasn’t silent. I could feel the river beneath moving beneath the ground, there was a sense of anticipation that something else was going to happen. I then saw the river reappear, not just in one place but in many locations. The river was flowing very fast and wherever it was, people were enjoying it.

Wherever the river reappeared, people would run to it. This happened with increasing frequency and soon there were rivers all over the earth.

At the head of each river there was a steward, someone responsible to see that rubbish was not thrown in.  As I looked more closely I could see that there were people at each of the rivers trying to throw in rubbish to effect and contaminate the flow. Some were successful, when they did, the rubbish would flow down the river and hit someone, damaging them. When someone had been hit with a piece of rubbish a big lump would then form where the rubbish had struck them. The lump had words written on it, but I could not read the words (bitterness possibly?) The lump would get heavy and weigh the person down. The only way to remove the lump was for someone to come and chop it off. I then saw a man going around with a sword chopping the lumps off.

I could see the people with lumps gathering together, whispering and murmuring. When they gathered a blackness started to seep out of them. The whispering kept going, on and on.

I saw someone going to the river and encouraging the stewards. After he had encouraged them the stewards would be stronger and more active in doing their work. This would last a while and then they would need someone to go and speak to them again and encourage them.

After they had been encouraged there was always a release of strategy, they would begin new initiatives. Around some of the river heads I could see people worshipping and praying day and night, this had a particularly purifying impact on the water, it strengthened the flow, though it did not have the power to start or stop the flow.

As the enemy saw the prayer and the worship, this became a particular focus and a particular point of attack – the strange thing was that this was the hardest point of attack as the worship had made the people very sensitive to the Spirit of God and any compromise on the presence of the Lord.

My focus was drawn back to the people with lumps from the rubbish hitting them. Each one who had been hit with rubbish would have a black substance seeping out of them. It would affect the streams and make them poisonous – killing anyone who got in it. They also had a really bad smell. The only thing that seemed to stop the blackness seeping in was worshippers around the river head. The Worship had a purifying element which would protect the river from the seeping black substance.

I could see young people watching the rivers as they were coming out of the ground. I saw one young guy jump in, he was taken miles downstream before he jumped out screaming with excitement.  The onlookers started jumping in to join him. In some places where the rivers were coming out of the ground it was creating waves and some of the young people were surfing the water. There were loads of young people who came running to dive in. Many young people who had not seen the rivers were turning around and taking notice and jumping in. I saw some young people holding onto someone and throwing them into the river, it was like they all wanted turns at getting thrown in, they were really enjoying themselves. I saw some of them come with a dead body and throw it in to the river, the life of the river brought the person back to life. As they saw this happen they gathered other bodies and threw them in, many were coming back to life though not all of them, the ones who did not come back to life would flow down the river, sometimes knocking into someone else. If they knocked into someone the person they knocked into would often be offended.

I saw some older people were looking on and talking about what was going on, sometimes with disdain – but there seemed to be a split between the older people on whether they agreed with the young people or not. Then it was like a voice came and spoke ‘look at the fruit’ – everyone looked around and then realised that the voice was from the Lord and a sense of peace came

May 25th 2009

I feel like a convergence coming between heaven and earth and that our response is crucial. There is a Kairos moment, a window, it is like all the planets are lined up for an eclipse and just as the eclipse can only happen in that moment so there is a moment coming. Heaven is drawing near. We must reach up and take what is being offered. I see a visitation coming that we will enjoy but it will only stay for a while unless we create an atmosphere of His presence, for He is looking for a place of dwelling and not just visitation. He wants to create His end times army, He wants a people who are ready, who will listen to heaven, who will hold onto heaven as heaven comes down. A place like Bethel, the house of God, the open heavens, where angels ascend and descend and miracles are common and where it is perfectly natural for someone to be healed of cancer.  Beware of the one with unbelief, the spirit of blindness, faith is a key, gather those who will run after these things, gather those who will call down the promises, who will reach into heaven and speak them out. Fire begets fire. Keep the centre hot and everyone else will feel the heat. You are lined up for a blessing. Heaven is coming, you are starting to see advance party. You are starting to see.

Beware of those who will come and want to ‘get in on it’. Names and faces of profile. Don’t be lured in by the promise of management and other organisational benefits. You are about to bloom and blossom and spread the fragrance of the knowledge of God. It is in an area of the garden that people had written off, but many will come and I will establish you. There is an army going out from like Joel’s army, an army of young people, not caught by the worlds desires, not afraid to die for the cause of heaven, who will not love their lives as to shrink from death, they will be salt and light, transforming communities, missionaries of love.

August 1st 2009

I saw the lord sitting on a hillside looking over this land, I sit next to him and I he starts to talk to me.

There are many who want to hear my gospel but my people are afraid to speak, my people are afraid of being rejected, you are afraid that the men of this world will cast you out. But you are in danger of being spat out, for being lukewarm. I would rather that you were hot or cold and not just warm. There are people that I have given you relationships with that I want you to seek me about, there are people that I have given you relationships with that I want you to talk to, there are people that want to hear the gospel, but you are afraid to share with them. Take courage, it is better to be rejected by the world than to be rejected by God. I know your timidity, but I want to give you courage, I want to strengthen you to go out and preach my word, to not worry if you are rejected by the people of this world. There is coming a time when you must see that you are not of this world, that you are strangers in this world, that heaven is your home. I am about to make a distinction between those who know me and those who don’t. Be found among those who know me, for I am coming to shake the things of this world, the systems in which you trust. I am shaking the tree and the fruit is coming down. Do not despise these the day of small beginnings, though they start off small, they will grow into a great tree.

My love for my people is great. I can see so many things for them, there is such a great future, but so many have their faces turned to their feet, they don’t look up and they have lost hope. There is such a great hope, heaven is real, more real than you have ever imagined.

I have put many visions in your heart and so many are wondering if this is from me. The enemy has done a great work in deceiving my people into thinking that I don’t want to give good things and that if you have a desire in your heart it can’t be from me. I am more able to give you the desires of your heart than you understand. The enemy has no power except that which you give him in your heart. I am coming and I am stirring up my church. I am looking for those with vision and faith who will run even when they can’t see, who will trust me. Will you trust me?

There is great pain in my heart for your land. There is great darkness, and there are many battles being fought. The battle is getting closer to you and there are agents of the enemy in your town. Pray that they will not overcome you, pray that they will not destroy you. There are voices that will come that will try and destroy what you are doing, be strong, be careful about the reports that you are listening to. Pray for demonstrations of power, pray for healing, for I want to break out in your town with healing, pray for the demonstration of heaven and for heaven to come down with power. I am coming and I want my church to be walking in the glory that I destined her to, I want her as a beautiful bride, I want her strong and courageous, I find that deeply moving when my bride is passionate about me. I want my bride to be longing for my return. I will visit those whose longing for me exceeds there need for food & entertainment. I will satisfy. I will satisfy, do you believe that I will satisfy? I do call you friends, for I have so many things that I want to share with you.

I looked and I could see a heavenly host. I could see the Lord pointing to them.

There is an army waiting for your move, there is a heavenly host waiting for you to move forwards. You are waiting for them, but they are waiting for you! You have been given authority, walk in that authority, walk as my brothers, I have sent you to take this land with my gospel, I want to hear the praises rising up again from this land. It has been a long time and there are so many agendas of man that have stopped it. I have tried to come so many times but man has overridden it. Time is running out, I need to come soon, If you don’t respond I will try someone else, not that I don’t love you but that I need to move in this land, I have reserved an army, there is a remnant in this nation, a remnant like that of Nehemiah whose desire it to build the walls.

As I looked I could see there were tears flowing down His face and I could hear Him saying, I long for those who don’t know me, that is the reason that I came, I came that there would be many in my kingdom that there would be many at my feast, please go and invite them, if they reject you, count yourself worthy as they also rejected me, but my Spirit will go with you and you will see mighty demonstrations of power as you step out. Look around, do you see the harvest before you?

I am excited that you are listening to me, don’t try and mix this with your own plans of how this should happen, look around at the people I have joined to you. I have been preparing there hearts, that is how it will happen. Now is the time to speak out, demonstrate the gospel in action but now is the time to speak, take courage I will give you the words, I will give you the strength.

You have longed for the gifts, for the power and the glory, it is waiting for you, it is just a step away, as you speak I will release these things. Beware of the cynical spirit, beware of the spirit of unbelief and beware of the agenda of man.

There is a charge in the Spirit to go out and preach the gospel, to go out as Christ’s ambassadors, you have been given the authority, you have been given the power to go therefore go and make disciples of all nations, the commission is given.

I feel a longing in the heart of God that His people would share His gospel, that His people would share about the work that He did on the cross and that His people would go and talk about who He is.

September 23rd 2009

I asked the Lord what he wanted to say to this land. Immediately I saw a man praying and falling to his knees. I am bring this nation to its knees to call out to me. Though it is painful, this land has forgotten where it came from. It has forgotten the richness of its heritage. It has forgotten that what others value in this nation came about through me, through my inspiring of men and women. It must happen for revival to come. There is a humbling that will come, I don’t want to bring this but I want salvation more than I want pleasantness of life, there is a moment of suffering when this land will humble itself and the fragrance of heaven will be released. For I plan to save many in this nation, there is a great revival at the door, it is waiting to come in, but I am waiting for the bowls of prayers to be full.

October 1st 2009

I see God raising up an army, an army like Joel saw. I saw that they were not afraid, they had a lifestyle of fasting, a lifestyle of devotion. I could see that they were not afraid of death, and that many of them would give their lives for the things of God. As the army moved forwards, many of the forerunners died, as they gave their lives I could see the blood hitting the ground and a cry went up to heaven, as if the very ground was crying out. The cry shook the world to its core, there was a great silence among the nations and many who were silent stood up and said they would follow the ‘one’. The army grew more than it had ever done before. I saw that they were marked as if with tattoos with words ‘passion’, ‘devotion’, ‘fire’. I saw many leaders among these people but they were not leaders like they were in the past, they were leaders who were humble, who were not afraid to give their lives, they led with passion and humility, they fasted and gave themselves to the things of God, they loved his word and were extravagant in their giving.

I can see God using the new media revolution as part of this coming revival, that though the people were not caught up with it, they were using it. I saw god releasing creativity and new ideas and it was used as a conduit of communication. Gatherings were happening across the country and they were being notified by new media networks.

I feel there is an anticipation in heaven about what is about to happen, make the most of every opportunity.


I hear the sound of an underground river, it is very quiet but as I move closer it gets louder and louder, until it sounds like a roar so loud that I cannot hear my voice above its mighty crashing. I can see the white foam of the water in the underground cavern raging forwards, the sheer volume is immense. The power is scary, scary in that I have not seen power like this before. As I stand and watch, I see people gathering beside the river, we look at each other in amazement and somehow I know that we are all thinking and feeling the same the same thing. Someone suggests that we should get in. Someone else (with an American accent) shouts out, you’ll die. Another guy, one who is next to the person who made the original suggestion says “I am getting in anyway”. He dives in and we don’t see him. The water rages through the cavern and as we look into the dark we can see that the cavern is starting to light up where the man dived in. As we notice this, others begin to dive in, even the hesitant American. The cavern lights up and is filled with magnificent light, blues, reds, and golds, rainbows of colour reflecting and shining around. Each person is a different colour and is lighting up the cavern.

Now that the cavern has more light in it I begin to see people appearing beside the river. They have been deafened by the sound of the water, but the light has made them turn and caught their attention. They are dressed in black and their heads are hung low. They appear from the rocks and one by one they jump or fall in to the river. There are screams as they get sucked down into the raging water, the water foams around them and then they reappear on the surface, singing and shouting.  When they reappear on the surface they look like they are glowing, as they are carried along by the current they start to shine more and more brightly. They call to others who are in the dark to come in. Some don’t recognise them and it takes a bit of persuading to get them to jump in, but after a little while some of the others are convinced and jump in. A few of the onlookers get angry and start chucking rocks into the river and shouting to people, “don’t jump in” which causes some of the dark figures to hesitate on getting in. As I observe this I feel a sadness that they have been dissuaded from going in. So I shout out, “don’t listen to them”. Some of them start walking towards me (I am now out of the river). I manage to persuade a few to jump in. I then see an antagonistic dark figure pick up a rock and throw it at me. He misses, I go to throw it back and my arm is held by someone who appears at my side, “don’t do it – or you will become like him, He is throwing rocks from the hardness of his heart. If you throw rocks your heart will become hard, can you hear what I am saying?”

I see a jetty by the river that is quickly being built, it is made very well. This is to supposedly give people better access to the river, to enable them to get in, to empower them. But you have to pay to get on to the jetty. The price was very high, and the men taking the money were shocked that people paid, but they did. Quickly the hearts of those who were charging the money became hard. Those who the river was made for no longer had access because of the cost.

An old lady who desperately wanted to get in was turned away because she could not afford the price, she could only see the jetty, she had been blinded by the lights that they had put around it. She could no longer see that there were other places that she could get in. She turned away sad. There was a man next to me, (the one who had stopped me throwing the rock) I could feel both an anger and sadness in him. This was who the river was made for, for those who are weak those who have nothing, he looked at me and said, “never restrict my people from coming to the river”.

I asked Him, show me how to build an access point for all, he looked at me and said, “you don’t have to build anything. You just have to lead them to the water, they can then choose if they want to drink or jump in. The only thing that is built is a well-worn path from the people you lead to the water.”

As I looked around I could see that the waters were not what they were. They were no longer foaming and raging along. They were still and quiet. I kind of wanted the roar to come back and felt an ache inside that it had gone, as I felt that ache I saw others who felt that ache too, it was like a light in our heart came on as we all felt together the same thing. I began to feel the ache pulsing, it was in me just as it was in the others (it was like the heartbeat of God). With every beat it got harder until it started to hurt, I couldn’t hold back from shouting out. As I shouted the waters were moved and stirred. Someone else noticed that as I shouted the waters moved and they did the same, then another and then another. Every time that we shouted the waters moved. The initial foaming raging torrent was starting to come back. We were all shouting in unison, reacting to the pain inside, I heard someone say “these are the birthing pains”. As we kept shouting the water raged around us. The people by the jetty were getting anxious as it was rocking the jetty. People were getting splashed who were in the queue, which made them jetty owners angry. Those who were being splashed were then turning and seeing that they did not have to go to the jetty, They saw that they could jump in on their own, one of them came up to me and thanked me for shouting out and showing him the way, he was so grateful – I didn’t say much just nodded my head. The pain of the childbirth was really hurting. One of the men from the jetty came over and asked nicely if we could stop as it was stopping his business and we were restricting people from getting in the river.

I pointed out that they were still getting in the river just not using his business, he was quite sad. His sadness turned to anger. I could see someone whispering in his ear and he got angrier and angrier and I could see that what was sincerity at first (be it slightly misplaced) had turned into anger and bitterness – the one who was whispering was stirring it up. When his anger got too much for him to contain, he started shouting out against me, I looked around at the reaction of the others who had been praying and I could see that with every shout it was affecting them too, there was some consolation in this. Not everyone was showing empathy, and some of those who had been praying with me turned away and joined the one who was shouting out against me.

I then felt the man by my side tell me to pray ‘pray that he falls in the river’ – I didn’t want to pray it because I saw the river as the Glory of God – the man looked at me and said again, if you don’t do it you will become like him. Pray for his blessing, trust me. I prayed that he would fall in the river, I know that I did not put my heart into it and the man looked at me, I repented and fell at his feet and begged him to change my heart. This had revealed more about my heart than I had realised. He stretched out his hand and touched my heart and my head – there was warmth and pain and then this amazing power came upon me, I stood to my feet and looked up and prayed for the man, with a genuine feeling of love for Him, as I prayed I could hear the sound of mighty waters and a wave rose up and took him down. Everyone was shocked. The people who had left after he had shouted started to come back to me and  repented and apologised. I could see into hearts of those who had gone and now come back, I could see that they had stones in them from the decisions that they had made. I reached out my hand to take them out and the lord pulled my hand away. That is my job he said, you can see them, only take out the stones that I ask you to. I could see that the stones caused pain to those who had them. Instead of taking them out I must pray for them and love them, as I did that I could see them going. I felt glad that I did not have any stones in my heart, but no sooner had I thought that I felt a pain in my heart, I looked down and I could see a stone – it was labelled self-righteousness – I could see the Lord looking at me – he asked if I wanted him to take it away. I said I would. He reached out his hand and I felt a sharp pain in my chest and then a warm sensation – like blood – then it was all done. I was kind of surprised that it was so quick. Those around me could see what the Lord was doing and were very interested, some who previously had been shouting at me came and joined me because they could see what had happened. They reached out there hands and touched me and began speaking in a different language but I knew what they were saying – let us be one as our Lord is one, let us be one as our Lord is one

January 25th 2010

I can see an orchestra of people and the Lord is conducting (the people are the Orchestra). As the Lord conducted He pointed to different people groups, the Chinese, the Koreans and others. As he pointed to these people groups a voice came out of them.  I could see that there were lots of different people groups (each people group was like the groupings of instruments that you get in an Orchestra).

I could see that the British Isles had not yet sung, but they were about to. I had a sense of anticipation waiting for the British to sing. As he pointed to different people groups you could feel that the music was building towards a crescendo, and then I saw the Lord turn to the UK, the countries of the world looked and turned to the UK and you could see them waiting for the time and then they sang. It was an incredible voice, a voice that made the nations turn. As I looked at the vision I could see that the people looked like Welsh miners. Their singing was so powerful, it effected the all other parts of the orchestra. Our singing was the beginning of a new sound in the song that was being sung. This is the final act, the crescendo, the climax of history, the finest hour, when the instruments that have not played since the first act are coming back in. Everything is on display.


I can hear a trumpet sound and I can see an army standing together. They are not neat and in order and their uniforms are torn, they are not in an orderly line, they are leaning on guns, looking to the right and to the left. I see a great eagle sweep down over them and breathe out words. It is like the words have a substance to them and they fall on the army like water a waterfall. I can see life imparted to the soldier and they are refreshed and revived. I can see some of them screaming with pain as it feels like the words are burning them. The words from the eagle are only burning away the clothes that they had on. As I looked closely I could see it was only on those who had put on other uniforms, who had uniforms of other armies, they were the ones who were screaming as the breath of the eagle burnt their clothes. Others who had lost limbs had the limbs grow back, others who had bandages were able to take them off, people with crutches realised that they did not need them anymore. I saw one who was distracted with many things suddenly come into his right mind, and take charge over the army and speak out direction. I saw that some rallied to him and helped him carry out what he was asking. You could see the life come back in to the army, you could see the breath come into the people and the life flow in them, they stood as one man and assumed there right positions, attentive to their commanding officer. I could see that they were now in battalions, with a leader over each battalion. Each leader would report to the commanding officer and follow the instructions. I could see that they were restless, they wanted to go forwards. Some were on horses – I had not seen this before, the horses were pawing at the ground, there was an eagerness to go into battle, but the commanding officer was waiting for the right time, I could see him looking and waiting, watching for the moment.

And I heard a cry like I have never heard before, it cut to the heart and it made me shake, with fear and trembling – this was the sound of a war cry like I have never heard before it was the sound of the Lord going forwards, coming to take back His people, coming to take back his world. I could see the heavens open and multitudes of angels coming forth, they had their eyes fixed on going forwards. The Lord was at the head of the army and I could see many armies across the land where similar things had happened. And I saw the armies of men marching forwards, and I saw the enemy fire arrow after arrow at them. The archers from the army, fired, but not at the enemy, they fired into the heavens, as they fired the heavens broke, the clouds opened up and a torrent of water flowed, the eagle was still flying around breathing out words, breathing out life. As the heavens opened and the light shone down the army was able to move forwards more quickly.

November 2011

I can see a boat and it has a very efficient crew. They know exactly what to do, it is a very well-oiled machine, everyone is working together, as soon as they get an idea of where the wind is they go and they know how to get there.

I can see there are lots of boats like this and they have come from a port. They are going in and out, looking for the wind, and somehow they are able to capture the wind and bring it back to the port. The wind brings change and transformation and is exhilarating. The people love the wind, and there are boats continually going in and out of the port. When a boat returns to port they tell those going out about the adventures they have had, there is a mutual one-anothering.

At the port people love to tell others about the wind, occasionally new people get on a boat and they come back changed. Some never want to go again, most are transformed. There is a harbour master who directs the boats in an out, they can only go at his direction.

I saw a boat that tried to go at the wrong time. The harbour master ordered that the boat be tied up and the crew separated onto other boats, not out of any malice, but because the order and unity were very important. It was about trusting the harbour masters decision. Every now and then there would be a storm and the harbour entrance would be shut. Sometimes when this happened there would still be people out at sea, you could hear screams and cries for help.

There was an emergency vessel that went out and would try and rescue them. These guys were like the SAS. Some were specifically allowed to go out during the storms, they were storm riders and would push through the storm to the winds that they wanted. They would come back glowing, like that of a sapphire, there was something about the pressing through the storm. When the boats came back there were jewels and precious stones in the hold. They would unload them, they would give them away. Sometimes there were stories of sirens, some had been deceived by other winds and had shipwrecked either themselves or their whole crew if they had managed to convince them.

November 2011

I can see a dark river, it is not choppy like rapids but I can feel its strength as I come near. The nearer I come I can feel a pull, like that of a magnet and the voices start to whisper, jump in, this is the river of life, in here you will live forever, but they are not voices that I recognise. I have not heard them before. I look closely at the river, it is very dark. Dark waters powerfully flowing, they are relentless and powerful. As I look I can see horses in the water, riding and driving forwards. There are what look like chariots and men driving them, they are faceless men, whipping the horses and then in a moment they have disappeared and I can just see the water. Now I can hear the water rushing and I can feel the wind rushing by. I see the water snatching the banks and taking everything it can. I see people near the banks looking in, fascinated by the water, the banks that they are standing on are not safe. I can see from where I am that the river has undercut the banks and then in a moment the river rises up and snatches them away. The people behind them seem blinded and seem to be happy that they have gone, like it was an achievement. I can see a man that looks like my dad looking in poking the water. I cry out to him and he looks up and walks back, just at the moment the bank where he was standing was eaten away. A wave of fear went through me and I realised that my cry had affected them and drawn him back. I wondered how many others I could call back from the back. I shouted after them I saw them look at me and wave and then some jumped in, like it was the thing to do. I could see some were listening but I had caught their attention.

I see some trying to rescue people from the river. I can see the river flowing and becoming a waterfall, it is at this point that I can see a rope being held by people on each side of the river. The people holding the rope are trying to stop people going over the edge and trying catch things that are caught in the flow of the river. It is awkward to hold the rope yet they are catching things and people before they disappear. They are strong yet it is hard work and they are crying out for people to help them and set up other ropes so there is not such a burden on them.

I can hear the roar of the water like it has its own voice, at times it is deafening and I feel the voice as if it has a life of its own, trying to get inside of me, trying to draw me nearer, yet I feel it cannot enter me, though it tries. Yet as I look at it I see that it can go into others, passing right through them, almost hypnotic. I see it pass through someone I run up to them, it is like they are in a trance. I shake them and it is like something falling away and them waking up. They look at me and ask where they are and what’s going on. They start to cry and they are cut to the heart, they ask what it is in me that stops me from getting infected and how they can have it too. I explain the gospel and they ask, why did I not hear it earlier? I say, lots of people have told you, but they reply, it was always given as an option, like I could do it as a lifestyle choice.

A few brief notes on seers and visions


In the Bible it talks about seers as a group of people who hear from God in a specific way.  It is a collective term for those who hear from God primarily in the visual realm.

The word primarily represents two Hebrew words, ro’eh and and chozeh, they mean to see and to have a prophetic vision.  In 1 Sam 9:9 the prophet of the day was called a seer.  It is not easy to distinguish between seers and prophets, though it seems that the primary way of hearing from God for a seer is in the visual realm.  There are a number of people listed in the Bible as seers;, Samuel (1 Sam 9:19), Zadok ( 2 Sam15:27), Gad (2 Sam 24:11), Heman(1 Chron 25:5), Iddo (2 Chron 9:29), Hanani ( 2 Chron  16:7), Jehu (2Chron 19:2),  Asaph (2Chron 29:30), Jeduthun (2Chron 35:15) and Amos (Amos 7:12).  Both Asaph and Zadok were musicians in David’s tabernacle.

Visions and pictures

This is one of the most common ways, aside from the Word, that people hear from God.  Often when I am praying I will see a picture or a vision.  A vision is simply a moving picture.  It is probably the most common area to hear from God because people have more faith that God will speak to them this way and are more attentive.  When pictures or visions come it is always good, as with any way that God speaks to you, to ask the Lord what He wants to say through the picture, a picture to me may mean many other things to you.  All the time be asking God ‘what do you want to say through this?’.  The picture is only the first part, once we have it we need to wait on God and ask him for the interpretation and the application. When encouraging people to grow in the prophetic I try and get people to share the picture even if they don’t have the interpretation,  someone else may have the interpretation and the application.  It is still a good habit to ask God, ‘what do you want to say about this?’. I find God loves to answer and show things and the more I wait on Him the more He shows me.