Have you ever come across people who are like chameleons – they change depending on the situation they are in. Ultra friendly in a moment and then cold and harsh in another. Spiritual schizophrenia – rooted in insecurity in who you are in Christ. Who am I in Christ? Is he the rock that I cling too? Or am I thrown around by the waves, by the winds of this age?

In each situation I want to be consistent with who he has made me. When I encounter the spiritual duplicity my spirit reacts and I look around to see if anyone else can see it – the struggle with the prophetic and the ability to discern is that not everyone else can see it, and you are labelled as a trouble maker, someone who sees problems. When that is not your intention it can be hard, but the test is to not be spiritually double minded yourself, but to remain true to what you believe. The test is maybe to not speak but to pray.

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