Sometimes we don’t recognise our weakness. The first place to come to is to realise that we are weak. The second is to realise that we need help. The world tells us we can do all things in our own strength, that anything is possible, that we can overcome with mans strength. The bible tells us we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. There is a battle between the thinking of the world and the mind of God. As a believer, our minds are being renewed, turned from the earthly thinking, the futile thinking that we lived in before we believed to Godly thinking, thinking with the mind of Christ, thinking from heavens perspective. Heaven has a different perspective to earths, and we submit our minds to God. We submit our ways to him and learn his ways. His ways are different to the ways of man, for the greatest must become the least, to become rich you become poor, to be first you must be last. To get you give. But it is more. It is more than just action, it is motive, it is the heart. We need a renewing of the mind to see our need of help, to see that we are weak. Yet we do not stop there. For in our weakness the Spirit helps us. That is where we need to come, to the place of recognising our weakness, but from there is the delight that the Spirit helps us. He helps us. We are weak but He is strong.