The price of oil is increasing, our energy bills are going to increase. There is a battle for who has the oil, who is in control, and with what currency the oil is bought. There is also a spiritual battle for oil, there is an enemy who will try and starve you of oil, make you perceive there is a shortage, that you cannot have any. Yet the story of the widows oil in 2 Kings 4, tells us that we should not look with the eyes of man, or listen to the voice of the enemy that says there is none, locking us into a poverty mindset.

In the Lord’s economy all things are possible. The widow brought all the containers she could find and filled up each one as the prophet directed her. The Lord is able to provide in the midst of famine, He is able to cause his oil to be poured out when there seemingly is none. When you look and see there is no oil, no anointing, ask yourself who you are listening to? Are you listening to lies? To doubt? To unbelief? For the Lord asks that we come before Him with hungry hearts, for the hungry always get filled. The Lord reiterates this promise in the New Testament, and though He isn’t talking about oil, the principle is the same. ‘Come to me all you who are thirsty’ (John 7:37) and rivers of living water will flow out of you. Our requirement is to come and believe, to place our hearts before Him like open vessels that they may be filled. Get rid of your unbelief, don’t take your bearing from the natural terrain, look to heaven. For this is a time to be like the wise virgins of Matthew 25 to keep our lamps burning and to keep the river flowing.