Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that crowds of people came to hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses. But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. (Luke 5:15, 16 NIV84)

The ministry of Jesus, grew very quickly. It was without any form of campaign, no marketing, no email groups, no Facebook, no Twitter. People just got healed and told other people. I think our issue is we just don’t se people get healed in the same way that Jesus did. Even though he showed life as a man full of the Holy Spirit and will do greater things than Him, we have not even yet attained to the ‘normal’ which I find disappointing and a constant theme in my prayers. I often take before The Lord the words, ‘you will lay hands on the sock and see them healed’ and petition, asking what can we do, how can we change, Lord release your Spirit. Jesus modelled a man full of the Holy Spirit and saw healing everywhere he went, with the possible exception of his home town where he was not able to perform many. I am sure that the not many miracles of his home town would be coveted by many in today’s climate where some would be good. I all fairness we are seeing a few, to which I give thanks, but I know there is a more, much more.

Jesus saw people healed consistently, this fact has been mused on by many. I have sat and wondered over this, examining the ministry and working out, praying, how we can see that too. I wonder though whether the key is simple. Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Maybe, the key has always been there and we have been so caught up in promoting and stirring things up that we have missed the essence of what The Lord is saying. To see people healed you need to know the healer. Knowing the healer is not something that is forged in the busyness of life. Coming back to the lonely places and praying is the birthing palace of intimacy and the place from which is the to seeing the healing that we long for. Yet, going there with having a healing ministry in mind will not open the door. We go because we Long to spend time with Him, spending time with the king has a natural overflow into the live of the people around. When Moses went up the mountain he came down with his face glowing, when we spend time with The Lord, our faces and lives radiate his goodness and anointing.

Amidst the busy lives we all lead, in my busyness, from school runs to meetings, I need to find the lonely places and the place of prayer. That has to be my plumb line, the place of equilibrium. He is my rock. He is my constant. It’s funny that as I write, the word place I frequently converted to palace by the grammar checker, and it is that, the place of prayer is a palace in which the king lives. To meet the king you have to go there.

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