So, what does it look like when the power of the Lord is present? There are no flags raised high, no bells being sounded, no special herald who comes with trumpet and fanfare. But the power of the Lord was present. Did Luke know this by his own observation, he probably wasn’t there. Or was it by the observation of the others in their retelling of the story? Maybe they said retrospectively (be as use so many got healed) that the power of the Lord was present. I don’t think so. Certainly not in a retrospective way. The power of the Lord was present to heal the sick – so they prayed for the sick and they got well. Incidentally from the story in Luke there is only one person ( the paralytic) who got healed. Whatever the numbers, and from whoever Luke received the story, inspiration, witness of disciples or from Mary – the power of the Lord was present and they responded appropriately to what he wanted to do.

When He comes He has a purpose. He wants to achieve something, and when He comes in power he wants to move something’s in the natural. I remember a long time ago someone showing me someone else in a meeting and saying can you see the Holy Spirit all over him – I looked and nodded. I couldn’t see a thing and began wondering what it actually looks like when the holy spirit is over someone. I prayed that God would give me the gift of discernment.

They say bankers know the counterfeit because they know the original. They are all day around genuine notes. They know the feel, the smell the look, the distinctive signs, the weight, the marks. They know when notes are counterfeit. They know when the real from the fake. And so, if we are to know the presence of God, we need to hang around the presence of God. We need to recognise the fruit of his presence, recognise his works when he is there, begin to look with our spiritual eyes and become familiar (in knowing not complacency) with his presence. As we do we will recognise his presence and the purpose for his manifest presence. Tuning in to his voice, stilling ourselves so that we can hear the whisper of heaven, I am here, so we can respond – what do you want to do Lord?

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