Paul’s purpose was that the Colossians would know the mystery of God, namely, Christ Jesus, in whom are hidden all wisdom and knowledge. Col 2:2-3

We search for meaning in all that we do, our lives are marked with the quest to find meaning, the quest for God, which we know deep down is the answer. We search for Him in our innermost being, trying to separate ourselves from the pain to find inner peace. We look for Him in the mall, at the football match, in our online community; where we can be someone else for a moment, a moment before reality checks in and we see the truth. Or for some, the inner most place of who we are has become so disguised over the years that we don’t know who we are, we just know we are lost and need to find our way home.

But what if the way home was already here, staring us in the face? What if it has been in plain sight for centuries, and man has missed it, looking for the clever answer. Looking to the lofty things, the secret knowledge of inner peace and how to find God, or a god.

Paul, says to the Colossians that the mystery of God, the mystery that is programmed into our DNA to search and to seek is known and knowable. The mystery is namely Jesus Christ, a stumbling block to some and foolishness to others, But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, (John 1:12 ESV). There is a mystery, but it is in plain sight. The mystery is Christ in whom are hidden all wisdom and knowledge. That means there is no discipline under the heavens that is beyond Christ’s knowing, his wisdom. The architect of the universe has the treasures of wisdom and knowledge in mathematics, physics, the arts, education, philiosophy. In all things his light out shines them all for he is wisdom, all wisdom and knowledge is hidden in Him. If we think that we have found something else, then surely that thing cannot, by definition, be knowledge or wisdom, for it is all in Him. Why go to the world for the advice it might give, why consult the wise by earthly standards when unless it is rooted in him, it is not true knowledge or wisdom. I don’t know what you would call it, a clever fake, trying to dupe. The famous artists were in a back-handed way complimented for their skill by having people copy their work, you on,y copy that which is worth copying. You don’t see many fake five pound notes and no one bothers to duplicate the artwork of my children. Not that I don’t appreciate their work, I love it, but it is not to the standard of the masters. And so, that which is valuable is copied, and so the way to God is copied by one who would try and confuse, one who would deceive. For in his bitterness he would have it that no one would make their way into the heavenly courts. He has tried to disguise the way, making it seem difficult, when the way proclaimed daily. It is spoken forth at night and day, declaring there is a way to the one who holds the keys of heaven and earth.

When you see it is plain, when it is dark there is a groping around,a tripping up. But in Jesus the way is clear, he has all wisdom in knowledge, the mystery of God is Jesus. That God should send his only son, to live, to die and conquer death. To rise and be seated in the heaven s that all who would believe in him he gave the right to be children of God.

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