The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you.

Sometimes I’m not sure if I have that knowledge, in context Jesus was talking with his disciples about the farmer sowing seeds, he goes onto say ‘to others I speak in parables’. I want to hear the secrets of the kingdom of God in plain speech, though there is something intriguing about parables in the hunger it places in you, to hear clearly is a great pleasure. My wonder is, was Jesus statement just for the disciples, or is this for us too? I know that sometimes it is true, but sometimes the lord does seem to speak in dark sayings. As I reflect, I believe that in context, he has revealed things about the kingdom of God to us too, spiritual things that only spiritual people can understand. The dark sayings, or parable like words relate to the day to day walk with the Lord and hearing his voice.

The conclusion then is, what are the secrets of the kingdom of heaven that he has revealed to us? Now I feel I may have to go back on what I said, as I cannot think own at these secrets are, was he specifically relating the secrets to the farmer sowing the seed on different soil? Yes he was, but there is more. There are truths of his existence, his love, the final judgement, his kingdom reign and rule in the church and the lives of people around us – surely these are the things that he was relating to. I cannot help but think that I don’t know much. Lord help my understanding!

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