Follow me and I will make you….fishers of men, and however that is worked out in your life, the fishing of men will take many guises with each person, but in each of us our lives are to fish for men, are lives are to overflow with love, with God, that we influence those around us. We are to overflow with presence. But it all stats with the following, and then the trusting that he will make us into who we are meant to be. Somewhere in the middle of this we decide we know better and take a hold of the map. The road is bumpy and doesn’t go through the pleasant countryside that we think it should, we turn off the road in the search for ‘right path’ and the sense of direction is lost and the influence of the world and other voices clamour around. If only I would trust the one who promised, trust in me. Follow me and I will make you. But I cry out, the road is hard, I want the smooth road. Yet as I look at others journey I can see the lord working and through the hard times he is there on the road beside them. But I cannot always see him on my road. Yet I know he is. For he promised to never leave or forsake me, I know the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. And I come back to the promise, follow me and I will make you. So I choose again and again to follow him, however that looks, for he will make me into who I am meant to be. That is not about fame and fortune, it is about knowing that Jesus knows a deeper need, a deeper thing that will satisfy my soul. When the man was lowered through the roof he wanted to be healed, but that was not Jesus’ first statement to him. Jesus as the greater need and ministered to that. He ministered to the mans sin, and only after that to his physical condition. Jesus knew the greater need. And in my trusting him and following of him whether through the rough and the smooth, I know he will minster to the greater need.

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