Take away the stone…so they took away the stone
How sensitive are you to bad smells? I personally am not over keen but travel to Africa has certainly enlarged by idea of how bad smells can get. But no smell i have come across is close to the smell of a body that has been decomposing for four days. They say that because of the preservatives that are in our food, if we were to die the preservatives would keep us for a lot longer than we would previously. In jesus’ day there were no preservatives (apart from salt, and they had not salted Lazarus’ body). The body would have smelt. Now i have never smelt a decomposing human body but I have smelt a decomposing badger – which is enough to make you wretch, the smell stains your nostrils. The anticipation of Mary and Martha would be that the body was going to smell. Yet… they took away the stone, because he said. The natural mind would be that he is dead, he will smell. But they had seen the ministry that Jesus had. They had spent much time with Him and learnt to do the things that he asked. Maybe they knew about the water being turned into wine at the wedding. There was enough faith in them to hear whet Jesus said and do it. He told them to take away the stone and they moved the stone.

I want to hear and obey with faith such as theirs, when in the natural it seems impossible but because He has said I will do what seems contrary to ‘normal’ behaviour. The normal behaviour is actually worldly thinking, it is acting in unbelief. Our calling as believers is to walk in faith and as in john 5:19 where Jesus did what he saw the Father doing. I want to be one who listens to the whispers of heaven and acts in obedience, no matter how contrary to ‘normal’ behaviour those things might be. Lord help our unbelief to see what you are doing fro heaven, to hear your heart. Give us ears to hear and eyes to see.