John 7:38 Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. I have often wondered what this means, that we should have rivers of living water flowing out of us. There is a dynamic in which we can drink from each other. It seems to imply that conversely there are rivers of death that could flow out of our hearts – have you encountered people who short circuit you? Who drain you of life? There are people who obviously operate in this way, not through there own design (apart from those who have deliberately been involved in the occult). But as followers of the lord, believers in him, from our hearts should be rivers of living water, and this should effect others around us. People around us should be able to drink from these waters and be refreshed. The only qualification for us to be carriers of the river is that we believe. But so many believers seems to not have any life flowing out of them, is this the unbelief that they hold onto? Maybe it is a spiritual dynamic that we fail to recognise. Whatever we may feel the truth of the matter is that if we believe in him there will be rivers of living water flowing out of our hearts. Believing this truth that we are carriers of heavens mercy streams will effect our conduct and allow us to be the ambassador’s of Gods kingdom that he has destined us to be.