Blessed are those who keep your statutes and seek after him with all their heart (psalm 119:2)

It offends our senses but the Lord isn’t available to casual seekers. Though if we call and ask him into our hearts he is there, there is a place of seeking him that we can all go to, but it is for the ‘serious’ seeker. There is an elusiveness to God, there is a pursuit to be had. Though he may be found, there is a running and a pressing into him that is not available to the casual seeker. The road is marked with the enemy, who, in every step of the way will lead you into legalism, getting you to thin that you can earn something by your hard work. The motivation of our hearts is very important, we can be pressing in hard to the Lord out of a heart to seek relationship, knowing that any works done do not add to our salvation or add any merit, or we can be pressing in, secretly thinking that the works I am doing, the seeking of his face adds merit to my position. There is a strange paradox, knowing that he rewards those who earnestly seek him, yet we do not seek him for the merit of our works, we are called to the works yet the works don’t add anything to us, but there are rewards.

Seek his face, press in hard and seek his presence, knowing that in the light of the cross we find true perspective and grace to see ourselves as we really are and to cry out for grace and strength in our time of need. I recognising our weakness we become strong in him.

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