I know one who has constantly given themselves as a friend, given their kindness, been generous and extravagant in all friendships, whether they were deemed as ‘in’ or not. I know one who is thoughtful and pragmatic and is not afraid to say those things that others are afraid to say for there is a bigger picture at hand. But such qualities are not always admired. Among some they are seen as a threat, they expose their insecurities. The only solution is to reject, and when ones own rejection is not sufficient others are gathered to bolster opinion. The result is one who is ostracised, and in their plane thinking cannot understand why. When you try and reconcile the actions with the Christian message it is near to impossible for the actions are the antithesis of the heart of God. Clearly we all have things in our heart that the Lord would put his finger on but to consistently and deliberately reject effects even the strongest of hearts.

Like the wind that blows harder and harder until eventually the tree bows down and says I can stand it no longer. Where were the oaks to shelter and protect? Where were the ones assigned for such a task? The questions are never ending and the fallen can hardly lift their head. Shame has been infused into their soul, for why else would the consistent rejection have happened…there must be something wrong. Oh I know the truth, I know the declarations but when your consistent experience is a closed door you start to believe the depths of the lie, the poisonous dart that is shot into your heart again and again effects your life and the tree bowed down has no roots or will to continue.

How do you help someone in such a place? All you say is filtered through the lens of rejection, it is an unbelief and a self pity deeply rooted in the soul, the consistency of the messages spoken has so strengthened the beliefs that it seems impenetrable. But, there must be a way. As Jericho was all shut up, a fortress stronghold that in the natural was not going to be broken, so the stronghold of rejection as it looms in front of you. But there is a strategy against which no stronghold can stand. Again and again we hear, ‘but God’, the words that mean there is a turning, the words that mean there is a moving from defeat into a place of victory. It is that which I long to hear for my friend. It is that which I long to hear, ‘but God’.

When you are in the thick of night it is difficult to remember the light and as the saying goes the night is darkest before dawn. But it is no comfort when you are there, despair creeps in and begins to cloud your mind, spreading to those around you like a disease. Even being close to say the truth that contradicts the reality of the situation seems mad….but there are other things at work, there is one who would bring confusion, there is one who would cause you to think your are mad and confused. It is the setting your face like Flint to believe the word that will keep you, it is the taking the word despite the situation that holds you steady.

When you are adrift there is no hope of rescuing yourself. You need someone greater to see the lost ship and send out the lifeboats. That is the ‘but God’. It is despite your lack of faith God breaking in because of his great love. Does it not say that he loved us before we loved him! We sometimes forget the truth of that verse when we become Christians. That is the heart of the one who came to save us all, to save us even though we didn’t deserve it. This is my prayer, that for the one who has experienced the consistent deliberate rejection that there will be ‘but God’, there will be a lifeboat and a dawn. Even though they are adrift and can see nothing but night. I stand in the gap and I cry out to my heavenly Father, the one who is continually interceding before the throne. Somehow I believe that I can make a difference, I can move the heart of heaven and that the stronghold will come down by the power of the almighty and the strategy of his heart.