Our voyeuristic culture means we are bombarded with news about what everyone else is doing, such that we never ‘own it’, we own someone else’s ‘it’. We live someone else life, the persona becomes ours. Fake news has spread to lead to fake lives. The fear of missing out means we need our daily fix to see whites happening, who is doing what and we live someone else’s life. Which is no life at all.

The phrase ‘own it’ came to me this morning. I was praying that the Lord would increase my prophetic gifting, that people wouldn’t believe me unless I was able to deliver more accurate words. The response from the Lord was ‘own it’. I thought for a moment about what that actually meant. The phrase is used in both a positive and a negative manner. In the negative it is spoken to someone who has done something wrong, a child at home, or at school or someone in the workplace. You need to ‘own it’, be responsible for what you have done. In the positive sense it is spoken to someone such that they own their identity. A self conscious painter who is embarrassed about an award that they have won might be encouraged to ‘own it’, as in, ‘you deserve the award, you don’t need to be falsely humble’

And that, false humility linked in with shame, I think is one of the roots of us not ‘owning it’, in the positive sense. Our British culture and the tall poppy syndrome means that we don’t want to ‘own it’, in case we are rumbled or exposed, but for what? If we are proud and arrogant then there is a place of being exposed, if we have embellished the truth there is a place of being exposed. But if we have been true to ourselves, true to who we are then there is not an issue with ‘owning it’, in fact it is damaging to not ‘own it’. False humility and shame will cause you to stand back when you should be at the front, to not speak up when you should. A prophet who is sits at the back of the meeting is not being humble, they are being disobedient. If God has asked you to speak then that it what you should do. False humility and shame are subtle ploys of the enemy to stop us ‘owning it’ and walking in the fullness of who God says we should be. Has God called you as a prophet? Be the best prophet that you can be. Has called you to be an evangelist? Be the best evangelist that you can be? Has called you to clean toilets? Then clean the toilets in the best way you can. Be who you are meant to be to the fullest that you can.

The shroud of false humility will question you. Who do you think you are? Everyone else is better than you, you are a fake, and so on. Some of these questions are good to ask ourselves, as long as we can be honest with our response. Our honesty need to be correctly informed, and it is ultimately our hearts that inform us. Our hearts are not only the centre of our physical being but the centre of our emotional, intellectual and moral activities. It is the place that God looks  to see who we are(1 Sam 16:7). He does not make his assessment from our external performance, He looks inside. Sometime you can see someone put on an amazing show but feel inside that there is something wrong. This is called discernment. From those who can only see the facade you are rebuked as being judgemental, and we do need to not be judgmental or suspicious. But we also need to be discerning. If God looks on the heart then we also need to ask His opinion about the heart.  Our hearts are betrayed by our mouths (Matt 12:33-34). It is the inner forum that defines our identity. It is informed from the voices around us and our environments. That is why it is so important to be careful what we speak over others and careful what we listen to. It is from misinformed hearts that we wear the clothes of false humility. But today the Lord asks you to own who you are. Own who he says you are. Inform your heart with his truth about who He says you are through his word, and through the Spirit. This will in turn deal with false humility and bring you out of hiding in shame.

If you were cynical you could read this and think it sounds like a hyping up, but there is a place of confidence and honesty with who we are that is also partnered with humility. Your identity is the most powerful weapon that you have,  the enemy will constantly undermine your identity and we need to be constantly informed about who we are. Not intellectually, though it always has to go through our mind, but in our hearts. Shame will make you hide, and false humility will keep you there.  

Own who He says you are and believe who He says He is.