What is the one thing you would ask for? A new computer, a new car? New house, help in your marriage, new job, God to save lots of people? Healing in the church? They are all great things and nothing wrong with praying for them. The only thing we need to ask is, are those prayers our one thing? Ae they that which consume us? Strangely the things of church can become idolatrous and yet they were never meant to be. The safeguard is to look and say, where are they in the order of my prayer life, in the desires of my heart what is the overwhelming thing that cries out. We have legitimate desires, desires that I believe God places within us. But when their clamour becomes too loud it becomes shade to that which should take preeminence. You will probably no where this is going, and good! David, was a man of one thing. One thing do I desire, this is what I seek, that I may dwell in the house of the lord all the days of my life and to gaze upon his beauty and to seek him in his temple. David knew of the beauty realm of God. We were made to gaze on beauty, on the beauty of the Lord. There is a place where our hearts become transfixed upon Him, and we cannot turn away. This is the place where David dwelt. I slip in and out, bringing myself back to this place again and again, fixing my eyes on him, looking to him. In the midst of turmoil it seems so far away, yet when I come and drink I think to myself, where else can I go? Lord you have the words of eternal life, I was made to gaze on the beauty of the lord, I was made to be in your presence.

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