One day we will see him face to face, we will see the risen son, the lamb, the glorious one.

The Almighty the Holy One, the Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice, the pure spotless lamb with without blemish or defect.

This is my friend, this is my beloved.

The rock that I cling to, my high tower.

My righteousness, my hope and my strength.

My wisdom and my peace, my Lord and My God.

I long for the day when I will be with Him, no more tears and no more pain.

It’s not so far away, every day is one day nearer.

Every moment, one step closer. Unbroken covenant, unbroken communion.

Father of lights, I set my gaze upon you.

You have broken the darkness with your light.

I love your light.

In your light we see light.

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