Luke 1:37
Nothing is impossible with God. I read it and I feel an excitement stir within me as I start to dream of what could happen. Your initial reaction may be, but that’s selfish, but it depends on what you are dreaming about and where your heart is. Sure, if you are full of materialistic want and you think that nothing is impossible with God, then you will free wheel into wanted lust of stuff and the building of your own kingdom and the stocking up of your own barns. But with a sanctified heart, dreaming of how God can move is a fruitful exercise. We are so full of unbelief, cynicism and doubt. A simple question from Zechariah made him speechless for 9 months, he spoke out of unbelief before one who stands before the Father, the messenger of light. And we wonder why we don’t see the things that we long for. Partly as I have said, it is down to our selfish wants, but our own hearts reveal our true state. We do not truly believe. We doubt the power of God – but, nothing is impossible with God. Speak it out, prophesy it to yourself, declare it, meditate upon it. Think about it. He can do anything, yet this great power is effected by our unbelief. I look daily for greater faith, for greater trust in him, for I am so aware of my own struggles. Lord open my eyes to see, let me walk in the revelation that you desire, let my faith increase and my unbelief disappear, lord help my unbelief for nothing is impossible with you.

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