Simeon was righteous and devout man, the Holy Spirit was upon him. He was a man who heard from God,yet it doesn’t say how. He knew he would not die before he saw the consolation of Israel. The consolation of Israel being that Israel would be consoled, that Israel would be saved. He knew it was coming, he had the word. He was waiting in the temple. I wonder how many days he waited and thought is today the day, is this the day? He was a man of vision. He knew he would see the saviour before he died. There was a hope in his heart, but not a hope that it might happen, it was a sure hope, a certainty. Yet when you have that hope, you still have to live with the every day expectancy, asking the question, is today the day? Simeon was a man who waited for God.

It says in verse 27 of luke2 that he was moved by the Spirit. I want to be moved by the Spirit. Now I think that his being moved by the spirit was a result of ‘the Holy Spirit being upon him’. He lived his life full of the Spirit, he lived his life with the Spirit upon him. So it came one day that he was moved by the Spirit. Now as much as I want that for myself I think his moving came from a lifestyle of being filled with the spirit, a lifestyle of the spirit resting on him. I don’t want to be someone that God just visits but I want to be someone in which the Spirit of God dwells so that I might be moved by the spirit to be in the right place at the right time.

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