The situations of our life can create tension, without tension nothing can move. Think about the muscles in your arm, as you stretch out and pick up something, the muscles are tensioned. There is no movement without tension. With a bow and arrow, you draw back the bow and create tension before the arrow is fired. The trials and situations you face create tension, the tension in turn creates movement. To go anywhere in God you need tension, we can run with the tension and let momentum set it. Tension creates movement, as we co-work with the movement there is momentum, if we are wise we can keep this momentum going through seeking after God, through spiritual disciplines. We can shortcut the momentum by dragging our feet, by complaining and not cooperating with the Holy Spirit. The prophetic word keeps is pointing in the right direction, it keeps momentum going, it kick starts momentum either through an impartation or in response to the word our situation changes to create tension and then movement and momentum – have you ever noticed that after that anointed meeting, things suddenly got difficult? Tension arose, you realised that you were not all that you thought, change is required. The difficult day today is the answer to yesterday’s prayer. All interaction with heaven is about movement, it is about change, it is about making us more like him. Or response to the interaction of God increase or decrease the movement and momentum – where is God taking you? What are the tensions your are facing? Ae you coworking with the Spirit? Are you maintaining momentum or dragging your feet?

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