Our lives and decisions are based on knowledge and intuition, even intuition is a type of knowledge, it is a knowing inside. But there is something that surpasses knowledge, and yet we can know it. Biblical knowing is experiential, it is not an academic thing. My desire is to know and to experience the love that surpasses knowledge. To be like David who was the man of one thing, who knew what it was to gaze on the beauty of the Lord. He was so captured by the glory and the presence of the Lord that he set up worship 24/7 before the Ark, the very symbol of Gods presence. No wonder he was known as a man after a Gods own heart, he had caught something, and infection that he could not shake, he was infected with the love of God, beyond knowledge, motivating and creative. The energy of heaven, the passion of Jesus, this is the love that surpasses knowledge. This is the love I want to know.

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