We have a black Labrador who likes to lie in random places around the house. When you walk into a room without any light it is very easy not to see her, and unfortunately there have been a few moments where I have accidentally trodden on her. However, it only takes a very small amount of light in a dark room to make out where she is and then navigate around. 

Jesus announces himself in John 8:12 as the light of the world. And in Matthew 4:16 the writer quotes Isaiah by saying that “the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.”  This is the perspective of the Lord, without Christ we are in darkness and only in Christ is there light. We can argue all we like, as the flat earth groups are still trying to argue that the earth isn’t round, so we can try and argue that we are not in darkness. But the perspective of God is that without Christ we are in darkness. We need His light in our lives to see the way. And how easy is it to come to Him, there are no qualifications apart from recognising him as Lord and Saviour and submission to Him. His light in your life will show you the way. His light will give you hope. Have you ever noticed how much happier people are when he sun is out? And that there is a correlation between the long dark nights and depression? As we physically are affected by the lack and abundance of light so are we spiritually.

2000 years ago the people of Bethlehem witnessed the dawning of the great light. And nothing can extinguish that light, His name is Jesus. As let his light shine in us we become like Christ to others. He sends us into the darkness to shine with the light of God, the hope or enteral life. 

Jesus, thank you that you are the light of the world, but not only the light of the world but you are the light in my life. Where there are areas of darkness in my heat Lord I ask that you shine your light in me, lead me I pray to shine your light into the lives of others, in your name amen.