It is the day after the terror attack in Paris, November 14th 2015. As I write there are 120 people dead from bombings and shootings. None of them knew their life was going to end that day. They had not put their affairs in order, they had not said goodbye to their children, they had not said goodbye to their wives and husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends. They didn’t know.

Some maybe left the house that morning after having had an argument, some were stealing time in a secret affair, some were enjoying it with their family or rocking it out to the Eagles of Death Metal….but whatever they were doing, whether speculatively wrong and illicit or innocent and unassuming the night changed their lives and all their families and friends. The sounds echo around around the world as news teams broadcast the events and we form our opinions of the wrong and the right in the world.

We carry on, moved for a moment and offering sincere prayers but we soon forget.

Life is short, we don’t know the moment we will depart and cross the great divide into the next life. Some of those who died were prepared, they had considered the end and believed the one who came to offer life. For others though it was a violent shock that their affairs were not in order and they had not planned ahead. In the sadness and the shock hearts are open and I am genuinely moved by the events and am praying for those affected.

I find these events moving as my emotions unsuspectingly overflow and I am caught observing my own reaction. My own hardness is softened and I welcome the rain…but not the means. But, I don’t think that is the last we will see of events like this. The darkness is getting darker and life doesn’t get any longer, to some it is cheap and to destroy it is easy. All the more reason to get your affairs in order today, not out of fear but moved by the starkness of what we see.