Do you ever have scenarios running through your head where you are battling to win an argument or to come out tops in a situation? Do you find yourself preoccupied with thinking like this? A lot of people do, and they just put it down to a need to renew your mind. Well to a degree it is. But it is most likely linked to a judgement that needs to be removed. Judgement and forgiveness go hand in hand, we understand forgiveness, even though it can be hard. And to a degree we understand judgement, in that when we forgive we need to also ask god to forgive us for judging the other person. But there is another aspect, which needs to be included in our letting go, otherwise it can leave fragments that lead to the replaying of scenarios. This aspect is the letting go of the judgement. It can happen as part of the whole forgiveness package, but on deeper issues we need to make a conscious effort to let go, kind of like a sweep up around the room making sure there is nothing left, no rubbish to rot and cause issues later. The letting go of the judgement is a decision, it is a renewing of the mind. It is a releasing the person from anything they owe you, it is forgiveness, but its more than that, and this is why it gets missed. When we forgive, we are handing over our judgement to the one who judges justly, for we are not qualified to judge. We forgive because we have been forgiven. We let go of the judgement because the judge has justified us. See done took our place. Our debt has been forgiven. When we judge, it is like the man who was forgiven of his multimillion pound debt, only to chase an employee for the few hundred pounds that he was owed. Lets let go of the debts that are owed to us, and not think on them anymore.

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