In the Gospel of Mark, the first demonstration of the Kingdom of God is deliverance, you can pick up the story in Mark 1v21:27. It is a very matter of fact affair, but then, much of Marks gospel is like that.

The unclean spirit in the man reacts when it comes near Jesus.



Has that happened to you?

I know for the majority, this has probably not happened. But let’s look at why that might be so.

We don’t believe God does this kind of thing anymore. There is no indication that this has stopped. Scripture is clear that we will see what Jesus saw, and more (John 14:12-14).

We can’t do it because we are not Jesus. But Jesus did not consider his being God something to be taken advantage of (Phil 2:6). His life on earth, fully God, fully man, demonstrated what it was to live as a man filled with the Holy Spirit, the point being, He didn’t see deliverance because He was God. He saw this manifestation because of the Holy Spirit in Him.

Or maybe, we need a greater infilling of the Holy Spirit and revelation of the authority that we carry as believers.

I think it is the latter. The issue is one of kingdoms. We serve a king of a kingdom, Jesus. He is extending His kingdom. That implies that there are areas where He is not king and his kingdom rule is not experienced. When deliverance happens it is an expression of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, it is His Kingdom coming.

Jesus’s Kingdom is marked with righteousness, peace, freedom & joy. This is available to you when you become a follower of Christ, you too can experience this in your life. It is a reality, and Jesus’s encounters with the demonic show the power of this reality. Jesus’s kingdom will always overcome the darkness. The Holy Spirit in you is greater than the spirit in the world and when the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness meet, something has to give.

The phrase I began with expresses the point of confrontation, ‘I know who you are the Holy One of God’. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit and know who we are as ambassadors of the kingdom we too will see these same manifestations.