Can you say with the. Psalmist, how lovely is your dwelling place, oh lord almighty.This is a place he wants us to go, this is a place he wants us to find, to experience, to look for the paths that will take us there, to listen to the wisdom of those who have created well worn paths and push into him. There is a way that will take you into the presence of the most high. You will know if you have found it for the joy will overflow in your heart. You may be struggling in your heart saying – how can i get there, but to be even saying that, is a sure sign that you are on the way. For it is desire that starts you on the journey. Let your heart wander into longing for Him, let your heart lead you, quieten the voices of the world around and still yourself. Quieten your heart and let him lead you.

In the song of Solomon, the maiden asks where her lover grazes her flocks, she is told by her friends to follow the path of the sheep and you will find him that your heart may sing with Joy as you find Him and He finds you.