Sometimes you need someone to say its ok.

Sometimes you need to be allowed to let go, stop holding on.

It is knowing when you should hold on and when you should let go and knowing the difference. I come back again and again to the verses in psalm 61, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. That I may cling to the rock, that I may hold on to the only thing that is secure. When all around is fading, when all around is growing dim, you are the lighthouse. In uncertain times you are sure, and trustworthy, you are my hope, the one in whom I trust.

My son recently began climbing. He soon became very good at it and wanted to go on the weekend climbing trips that they put on. Parents get to go with the children, so we ended up in Portland, on the South coast of England. What an amazing place, an area of outstanding natural beauty with amazing views. It was a perfect day. I have never climbed seriously and was a little nervous, even thought this was to be Tom’s climbing day, I would be expected to climb. I climbed the simple faces and was shocked at firstly how much I loved and how much I wasn’t afraid. Later I climbed a harder route, which was great until I got stuck. No matter what I did I couldn’t get any higher. To make matters worse my arms were getting tired, really tired. I made a final push and my fingers slipped off the rock. I fell back suddenly. But, in a moment, I was on the face again. The ropes had held me. I had let go, but I had not fallen. I couldn’t have held on any longer. But I was safe. This is kind of how it is with The Lord. Sometimes we feel we cannot hold on any longer and all we can do is let go and trust ourselves to him who holds the ropes. If you don’t know the one who holds the ropes, if you are unsure then this is worrying. If you trust in the one who breathes stars into space this is not an issue, or is only one momentarily. He has you in his hands. As I dangled for a few seconds at the end of the rope I realised I was safe. I was able to regain my strength and climb to the top with new vigour, knowing that I could trust those holding the ropes.

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