We live in a disposable world. If it breaks we throw it away, and that’s not just the ‘stuff’ we acquire, it is friendships, marriages and families.

Whilst reading this morning I came across this passage in Colossians 1:17 – in Christ, all things are held together. I have read it many times but only today did a new light shine from this amazing truth. It came whilst reading Jesus + Nothing = everything, Tullian Tchividjian makes the point that only in Christ can fragmentation be restored. I have read this many times and believe it, but this was a fresh revelation. Like the first light of dawn, it was pleasing to the soul. It was the active nature of the text that struck me. I am aware of the many divisions in relationships, marriages, churches and the many denominations in the world (some born well, others out of rebellion), but as I read this text I had hope again that there could be unity, there could be a ‘togetherness’ that we have not known. I am aware of the prayer in John 17 where Jesus prays that we would be one as he is one with the Father. This has always seemed like a nice to have…but probably won’t get there in my lifetime, therefore I won’t press in too much thing. Wrong attitude I know, but honest. That Christ holds all things together gave me a flesh hope that we can come together, not by our strength, but in His. He holds us together, when we have divisions and splits it can only be because we have strayed from the Father, strayed from abiding in Christ! How could it be any more? For if he holds all things together, the only conclusion is that outside of him, things fall apart.

Maybe you think this is just about the cosmos, but actually it is more. It is our marriages, in Christ they are held together. It is relationships, in Christ they are held together. In churches, in Christ we are held together.

In Him there is an active joining, holding and sustaining, it is not a distant far off thing, but a proactive togetherness. When you see the birth of the he early church at Pentecost it started when they were together, the continued together. They were in Christ and were sustained by him. Their responsibility was to abide in Him…from there the unity came without effort.