Excluded from the life of God….because of the hardness of their heart; (Ephesians 4:18 NASB)

I find this shocking. The hardness of a mans heart can exclude him from the light of God’s truth. Though there is revelation all around of the glory of God, man thought it good to harden his heart and choose other things to worship. Whether it is football, or academia or drugs or sex, man has found a degree of satisfaction in giving himself to these things. It will only ever be a degree, for true fulfilment comes only when we come home to the lover of our soul, our Father and creator. These things are a square peg in a round hole, they don’t quite fit. But they were never meant to. I find the arrogance scary, yet it makes me examine my own heart to see if there is anything in me. Arrogance to say, I know better. I don’t believe that God exists. I don’t want to get to the end and be excluded from the life of God because of the hardness of my heart. Doesn’t the write to the Hebrews appeal to them to not harden their hearts to voice of The Lord? They too were excluded because of he the hardening of their hearts. There is a consistency here, harden your heart and you will alienate yourself from the life of God, harden your hearts to his voice and you cannot enter his rest.

It is our unbelief that alienates us and excludes us, it is unbelief that hardens our hearts, for anyone who comes to God must believe that he exists.

Oh God I don’t want to be excluded from your life because of unbelief and a hard heart….soften me to the touches of your Spirit give me ears to hear your voice and be obedient.

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