luke 4:1 [Jesus] full of the Holy Spirit….led by the Spirit

You have to be full to be led, more of him and less of me. I know that the more I have of the lord the greater I sense his leading. But how easy do we/I stop being filled? We know the scripture in Ephesians that we are to be be being filled with the Spirit, that is a continual filling but how quickly do I sway from that, and then as I am prayed for or receive a fresh infilling I think again of how much I need his presence. Why is is it that I don’t sense my lack of being full until I am full again, I seem to not perceive the ‘leaking’! If I was more sensitive to his presence I think i would be more aware of the waning filling. I find that as I seek to be led my lack of direction is a highlight of not knowing his presence and I come before him again to be filled – how easy is direction when you are filled with the Spirit. The two go together, and direction of the Holy Spirit naturally comes from being filled – Lord fill me with your of your Spirit!

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