This came to me in a vision. I literally wrote down what I saw as the Lord led me through what He wanted to show me. I hope you find it helpful.

You stand on the beach, and look out at the open sea. You have stood on this beach many times in pain. This time you stand and you dont want to go through the pain anymore. And you hear the gentle words of the Father – let go, let go of your pain, let go of the unforgiveness. You look around and there are bags of rocks next to you, years of pain, and unforgiveness. Again you hear the whisper that you recognise as God – let go of your pain and I will make all things new. you are weary from holding the bags of rocks for so long, you are not even sure what it will be like if you let go – and the pain of the past is real, but the whisper is more real than ever before – let go. You reach down and your hand is trembling in fear – if I let go of this pain, who will punish them for the wrongs they have done – even as you say it you know that is not your business and in the eternal justice of God he makes all things right and in him there is a way – you pick up a stone and on it is written the name of the one who hurt you, the disappointment you felt and the reality of the pain comes flooding back to you. Your hand grips tightly around the stone and you feel the icy grip of unforgiveness in your heart – I won’t let go, and you feel the anger rise up within you but immediately you feel an arm around your shoulders and the whisper again of the Lord strengthening you and though you don’t know what is in front there is no other way but to let go – You take the first stone and you throw it in, you call out the name of the one who hurt you, the one you need to forgive and you see it fall into the water where you could never get it back. You think what now and waves of grace fall on you, you are strengthened and it is as if the light has come on inside. You take another and you throw it as far as you can, and another and another until the bags are empty. The sun begins to rise on the ocean and you know that it is a new day, there is a light with in you and you realise that you have been walking in such great darkness. You ask yourself why had you not done this earlier. For the first time in years you walk away from the beach without the bags of rocks – it feels good. You feel like you can actually travel without being burdened any more, without being weighed down. You feel a sense of purpose that you remember only as a distant memory and you know the smile of God, the favour and the kindness of heaven, the Father who looks on you and says I love you more than you know, I love you, I love you, I love you.