When Jesus said that we can come to him and never hunger and never thirst it is difficult to imagine what this is like when you are in a Western society. We have so much to eat and drink and so much choice. Having recently read ‘The Hungry always get fed’ – a blog/diary written by Heidi Baker et al. I was struck by the simplicity of the Gospel that they share and how complicated we seem to have made it. When Jesus said come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden He didn’t put any riders to go with it. He did not say you must wear certain clothes, do certain things etc. The statement is simple, ‘come’. The only thing we have to recognise is that we may be weary or heavy laden. Simple. And as we come He said we will never hunger or thirst again. With so many distractions and many not knowing what hunger is, the verses will wash over and not enter in. Not that I want to force myself into a place of hunger in an ascetic manner but I do want to hunger and not be numbed by the sensual western world with our food and drink and drug addicted lifestyle (coffee, tea, social networking, brands..). Who said drugs were opium based? All that numbs and destracts does the same job. I want to come back to the simplicity of what is said – coming as one who is hungry and thirsty and finding myself satisified with Him – which I always am when I come, but like so many the distractions of the world crowd in and the light of His face is dimed by the glow of Babylon. Lord forgive me where I have not sought you and been distracted by the glimmer of lights. I come as one who is weary, hungry and thirsty. Lord fill me again and consume my vision, consume me. Be the greater reality, will you increase and Lord let the clamour around fade into the night.

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