Follow me and I will make you, the words of Jesus.

But we don’t believe the words.

Or is it we don’t trust the one who made the promise? Or we dont trust fully and we hedge our bets, a bit of trust jn the Lord and a bit of our own effort. From one aspect that is quite biblical in that we are co-workers with God, but even as co-workers we are required to trust in God.

Why don’t we trust him to ‘make us’? We try and make it ourselves and we think that we know best. But if we just to reach out, and place our eggs all in one basket, and trust in him, he would make us. Maybe that making is not what we would imagine, but whatever differences there are between the lords making and our own efforts, the lords plan will be ultimately more glorious and fulfilling. It is a question of trust, but we find it so hard to follow.

Where is the Lord going? Follow him, what is it he is doing? Follow him. He will make you as you follow Himyou. You will find that which your heart really desires for he knows the hidden streams flowing inside. That which is the core of your being and you cannot even articulate. So look and see where is it that he is going, what is it that he is doing and follow him, for he will make you. Maybe as a fisher of men, maybe as something else, but trust and follow.

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