I can feel the fire burning in my heart. There is a principal of first the natural then the spiritual but in this case it does not work. If I want to get hungry in the natural I don’t eat. If I want to to get spiritually hungry I eat, that is I eat the things of the Spirit, his word, prayer etc. From having spent a week worshipping every morning for an hour as well as quiet times I can already feel the fire of the Spirit burning brighter. I pray the prayers of ‘ God set me in fire’, ‘Lord I want more of you’ and part of the answer is a step away ,and it always has been. You have to put in the time. Seeking His face is not a shortcut-able exercise. It is not even an exercise, it is something of a calling, one of those things that you must do, a following of the heart and not the head. My prayer in the middle of it is Lord give me more, Lord show me more, Lord increase your anointing!

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