Have You ever felt like you are constantly fighting fires?
As soon as you finish one there is another demanding your
attention, and if you pause to look around you can see that there
are many fires to be fought. Fighting fires leads to anxiety and a
sense of never progressing, a sense of treading water never
actually moving forwards, just maintaining. This maintenance mode
is a dangerous place to be. Staying there may make you excellent at
fighting the fires, maintaining the the current situation, spinning
the plates but anxiety sets inn and you become frantic – what about
this or that or the other. I have heard it said many times but I
cannot remember the quote exactly, it is to do with the important
and the urgent. The urgent demands our time while that which is
important is left to the side. The urgent like the clamouring
cuckoo baby gets our attention while the important stays to the
side, waiting patiently for the opportunity. The important has a
lifetime and if we are not careful we will miss the window of
opportunity – as someone said, when the opportunity of a lifetime
presents itself you have to move in the life time of the
opportunity. But the the fires clamour, the plates start to rock
and our nerves and our sense of duty make us run to the fire and
the pates to maintain. But what if you left the fire burn? You left
the plates spinning? Even as i say it there is a sense of, how
could i ever do that. To ever do the important things will mean
that you have to leave the plates and the fire. And the strange
thing is that as you leave them the fire carries on burning, the
plates carry on spinning, the fire consumes no more and stays under
control, the plates are seen by someone else and kept spinning –
some drop to the floor, but is anyone worried?