What are you afraid of? The first thing you will think of is a natural thing, maybe spiders, maybe the dark, maybe worms. But there are many more things. They become walls, penning you in, constraining your path, getting taller and taller, blocking out the light and keeping you in darkness. Behind each wall are those who whisper the lies that built the wall in the first place. The mystery is that these are not walls of mans making ( though you actually built them – or allowed the building), for you can put your hand right though them, yet they have more power than a wall of brick or stone. There construct will trap your life, your relationships and lead you into a place of smallness and darkness. The truth comes as light and shines. Over the tops of the walls you see a glimmer of hope and you begins to stand, raising your eyes. It is like the walls have arms and they hold you down and as you rise up to see the light they rise up with you. But, they have no more power than you let them. Even those who have whisperers behind them are no match for the light.

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