Father I thank you that you have heard me. How many times do we pray and we do not even consider whether God has heard us, and actually come away in doubt ore than faith that he has heard us. Why does it seem so difficult to trust and believe you? Lord help our unbelief that we ask in confidence, knowing that if we ask according to our will you will hear us. He is a good father and cannot give bad gifts to his children, he delights to answer our prayers and give us the desires of our heart. He is able to give us more than we could ask or imagine. He is able. It is when remind ourselves of these other truss that we see Gods heart. We need to remind ourselves more and more of the truth so that it becomes part of our reality, for His word, His truth is a greater reality than the society around us. We will be with him forever, this world and desires will pass away. We are being prepared for an eternal kingdom, a place of everlasting joy. We will be with our God forever. When we understand the heart of heaven we can come back to ‘Father I thank you that you have heard me’.