The extravagance of heaven and the extravagance of man…..not necessarily the same thing! We want the lord to be extravagant but we want him to be extravagant in the way that man is – possessions, things, new car, house – and though we are made in his likeness and are his image and he does provide for us with these things it is from a different paradigm. the extravagance of heaven is that he gave his son, that we might be become children of god, he gave his son that we might become part of his family, joint heirs – as it says in John, how great is this love that he has lavished on us that we should be called children of God – and that is what we are. We are his children, we are heirs, and all because of the extravagance of heaven, all because of heavens initiative and desire and wanting for me, for you.

In his kindness, he provides us with all things for our enjoyment, but sometimes we don’t see past these things to the one who is extravagant. Who richly blesses us with all things. His extravagance humbles our hearts as through it we can see his amazing grace and kindness. His extravagance is a Father for his children, knowing what is right and good yet giving the wise thing, being extravagant and lavishing upon us our hearts desires. Maybe a paradox but his extravagance is beyond the worlds standards, it originated in heaven and can only be truly seen in the light of the cross. Only in gazing at the one who suffered died and rose again can we truly see the extravagance of heaven and the life which flows from that. Keeping the crux of the matter the crux – we will taste of his extravagance in more ways than we reaise.