The matter was one of life and death. The fear of death cripples so many. Fear cripples so many. But this was a matter of life and death, he was afraid as it was his only daughter and he loved her very much. He was afraid that this was the end, but the glimmer of hope, like the glowing wick of a candle that has been blown out was there. There was a flicekr of hope in Jairus’ heart, but he was afraid. Jesus, does not console him. He is very direct. we may think the directness of his words lacks compassion but there is no reason why you cant have compassion and be direct. Jesus said it as it was. Sometimes we try and fill the air with words to help the situation but there is no need. If we dont have any words then we don’t need to apologise, yet if we do we need to be straight….and Jesus was.

Just believe. Two words, taken out of context you could think that this was an easy thing, but in context and the general understanding that dead is dead – just beieve seems like a mountain. But when you have nothing else to go on but a flicker of hope. A tiny light of maybe he can do it, what else can you do. You dont want to believe what you have only ever known – that when someone dies there is no return – an acceptable thing at the end when someone is old. But in a young child there seems to be an injustice, the balance is not in place. But there is one who Jairus had heard of, and the flicker of hope was there – all he had to do was believe – just believe and not be afraid.

Fear is the enemy of faith, it will cause us to drive out faith. Love and faith are on the same side of the coin. Fear is their enemy. Perfect love drives out fear. As we live in the light of his love our fears will be displaced, as we give out hearts to him, we will be able to say with greater confidence the enemy has nothing in me. It is when the enemy has something in us that we are afraid, and we doubt.

How do you just believe? You just believe, it an action, an attitude, a conscious thing – when Jesus calmed the storm he said to the disciples – “where is your faith?” As if faith was demonstrated in action – and it is. Faith comes before moving. Faith comes before we act, it is something we are sure of and something we are certain of – even though we may not see it. I certainly as that God will increase my faith and stir up my faith. Faith comes by hearing and what has always stood out to me from a Terry Virgo sermon was a point he repeatedly made – faith comes. And it does come.

My prayer is that Faith will overcome fear and that increasingly I will just believe.

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