I feel it daily, a compulsion to preach. Yet like a damned river there is nowhere for the flow to go. An damned river will find an overflow through necessity, so I feel a need to overflow. The natural place for the flow has been blocked, yet I need an overflow, for I feel the compulsion. Like Jeremiah said, his word is like a fire in my bones, I am weary of holding it in, indeed I cannot….yet I am blind to the place where it should go and I fear that the river will stagnate and cause irreparable damage. The lord has spoken – who can but prophesy. When the lord has put a word in you, particularly when it is of a prophetic nature, you cannot hold it in. The word of the lord will accomplish the task for which it is set, it will make you weary if you restrain yourself and hold it back. It will find it’s way out.

There are giftings that the Lord has given us, that we cannot help but use. They will seem like the dispensation through which we operate. It may be administration, it may be leadership, it might be service. Whatever it is we will find that is the opens through which we see and operate.