I have seen the light beyond the trees. The light is whispering to my heart, softly and gently beckoning me beyond the darkness of the trees. I can’t take my eyes off the light as it beams through. Rays of hope that feel like they are penetrating my soul, reaching into my mind and heart, speaking of what is to come and infusing me with life.

As I look more closely I can see the figures beyond the forest edge, white figures, shapes, non distinctive because of the brilliant light. As I look more closely I can see more, people walking towards the light beyond the trees. Some are stepping into the light, welcomed by the figures that I saw.


Others are getting to the edge and it is like they have a darkness within them, they seem to be repelled by the light, or something in them is repelled



I am nearing the edge of the forest and beyond the undergrowth and the dark canopy is the light beyond. So brilliant, so bright. I can hear it whispering to my soul to come near. I can feel it reaching into me and there is a longing deep within me to go to the distant lands. The place beyond time. I can see there are others in the forest with me, some on well worn paths, some beating their way through the undergrowth and stumbling over the edge. If you listen you can hear the songs carried on the breeze, melodies and words that I cannot understand that nourish my soul. There is both a joy and a sadness all at the same time, a joy from the glorious light but also a sadness. As I thought about the sadness in the melodies I could feel a noise forming inside, it was a groan, involuntarily it came out; an expression of longing that more would find the light.

And in a moment I knew this was not my time, I had to go back into the forest and bring others. Only when you have seen the light can you tell others. I was reminded of those who talk of light, yet it is a deception, like the angler fish that lures its victims. Their light is no light at all, it is a deep darkness. But when you haven’t seen beyond the veil you can be easily deceived. Having tasted of this hope how can I not tell others? Having seen beyond the forest, how can I not tell others how to find the way?

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
Is 6:8